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Slides from the 14th Technical Meeting

Regulatory Challenges in Multiproduct ATMP Manufacturing

Thank you to all who attended our 14th Technical Meeting. Below you can view and download PDF slides from the presentations which featured.

Innovative solutions dedicated to Cell & Gene Therapy automation
Jules Bourgon, Biosafe Group SA
Process Robustness & Challenges to Demonstrating Compliance
Nick Smith, Cobra:bio
Managing GMP, HSE and HTA regulations in multiproduct ATMP manufacturing
Owen Bain, Royal Free Hospital
FS-1 plus BPR & NFT compliance
Stuart Paterson, Bioquell
Multiproduct ATMP Manufacturing – a QP and Pharmacist’s Perspective
Anne Black, NHS Foundation Trust
The Role of Pharmacy in the Successful Delivery of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)
Anne Black, NHS Foundation Trust

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