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Slides from the 17th Technical Meeting

Advances in Supply Chain Management for ATMPs

Thank you to all who attended our 17th Technical Meeting. Below you can view and download PDF slides from the presentations which featured.

Life+Health Science Business Development
Richard Seabrook, Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, University of Bristol
Orchestrating Advanced Therapies
Matthew Lakelin, TrakCel
Orchestrating Advanced Therapies - Fresh Thoughts
Emma Hickey & Sanddhya Venkataram, TrakCel
CliniMACS Electroporator
Matthew Cobb, Miltenyi Biotec
Ian Rees, MHRA
Stem Cell Cultivation in BioBLU® Single - Use Vessels
Philipp Nold, Eppendorf
The Analytical Toolbox for Viral Vector Characterisation: Progress & Challenges
Dr Helen Young & Dr Natasha Lethbridge, CPI
Raw Materials for ATMP Manufacturing: Supply Security
Dr. Bernd Leistler, CellGenix

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