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21st Technical Meeting

Building a Sustainable ATMP Industry

The day will include a combination of specialised talks on this theme, a choice of workshops and a ‘fresh thoughts’ session. There will also be a number of opportunities for networking and discussions with vendors.


Registration and Networking

AMC Meeting Introduction

10:00 Session 1.
What are the drivers for sustainability? Chaired by Lucy Foley

  • Innovate UK, Nick Medcalf  ‘ATMP funding from Innovate UK: recent initiatives and next steps’
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, Anan Hoest Raghab ’ Carbon Reporting and Challenges on the Road to Net Zero’
  • Ori Biotech, Jason Jones ‘Sustainability in a Single-Use Plastics World?’


11.30 Session 2.
What might we learn from other industry sectors on their sustainability strategies? Chaired by Michael Whitaker

  • Sterling Pharma, Brian Peutherer ‘Sterling: Steps on the journey to sustainability’
  • Veolia, Timothee Duret ‘Recycling – Credible solutions for Advanced therapy medicinal products’
  • P&G, Paul Swift  ‘Accelerating the Circular Economy – from consumer goods across industry sectors’



13.45 Session 3.
How is our Industry tackling Sustainability? Chaired by Jef Pinxteren

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Merete Miles ‘Thermo Fisher’s Journey to Net Zero’
  • Pall, Miriam Tuschy-Mori ‘Sustainability at Pall & Danaher’
  • Green Elephant Biotech, Joel Eichmann ‘CellScrew – Using additive manufacturing and plant-based materials to reduce plastic waste from single-use cell culture systems’


15.45 Session 4.
Supplier Quickfires and Fresh Thoughts Chaired by Abby Clark/vendor

  • Miltenyi, Aimee Tyler ‘Customised solutions to automate and translate your workflow’
  • Biomerieux, Christie Downing-Kay ‘bioMérieux Solutions: Supporting Sustainability Strategies in the ATMP Industry’
  • Gyros Protein Technologies, Ian Sheldrake  ‘Gyrolab – An open immunoassay platform to help transform your
    C+GT bioanalysis’
  • eXmoor, Rachel Gracie Cheng  ‘eXmoor Pharma Concepts Green Team’


Breakout session. Chaired by Lucy Foley

1. What obstacles are you facing in reducing your carbon footprint?
2. What steps are you currently taking to reduce carbon footprint?
3. How can suppliers help?
4. Would you be willing to share with others how you are tackling the problem?

Close & Dinner


  • Veolia

    Veolia is aiming to become the benchmark company for ecological transformation. As the UK leader in resource management, we provide a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and protect the environment.

    We’re innovators committed to focusing on carbon reduction through energy efficiency and renewable power, preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, combating climate change and raising environmental awareness.

    Our strategy is focused on manufacturing new greener products, generating low and zero carbon energy, and closing the loop by finding innovative ways to reuse materials. This helps our customers and suppliers reduce their carbon impact, preserve scarce raw materials, and achieve greater sustainability.

    From transforming sludge into plastic, capturing energy from wastewater and future-gazing with our ‘Imagine 2050’ report, we are turning the once ‘traditional’ waste, water and energy management industry on its head.

    We are actively collaborating with businesses in the pharmaceutical sector to relieve some of the pressure they are experiencing with regards to reducing emissions, optimising sites and resources and adhering to stringent regulations.

    Whether a business’ goal is to reduce the environmental impact of materials, ensure compliance or boost efficiency and profitability, our wide range of solutions can support across all business functions to achieve that goal and help to build a more sustainable pharmaceutical industry.



  • Gyros Protein Technologies
    Gyros Protein Technologies

    Gyros Protein Technologies provides enabling bioanalytical solutions helping scientists increase biomolecule performance and productivity in pre-clinical/clinical development, and bioprocess applications. For bioanalysis, the nanoliter-scale Gyrolab® immunoassay platforms and Gyrolab immunoassay kits (Gyrolab p24 Kit, Gyrolab AAVX Kit), are used by scientists in leading pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO/CMO companies in the development and manufacturing of biotherapies including cell and gene therapies. Gyrolab immunoassays provide key workflow advantages of speed, automation, and low sample and reagent usage with a wide dynamic range in applications including PK/PD, immunogenicity, and analysis of bioprocess-related samples


  • Miltenyi Biotec
    Miltenyi Biotec

    Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that empower biomedical discovery and advance cellular therapy.

    Our innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application. This integrated portfolio enables scientists and clinicians to obtain, analyze, and utilize the cell. Our technologies offer solutions for cellular research, cell therapy, and cell manufacturing. Our more than 30 years of expertise spans research areas including immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, cancer, hematology, and graft engineering.

    In our commitment to the scientific community, we also offer comprehensive scientific support, consultation, and expert training. Today, Miltenyi Biotec has more than 4,500 employees in 28 countries – all dedicated to helping researchers and clinicians around the world make a greater impact on science and health.



  • Pall Corporation
    Pall Corporation

    Pall Corporation can provide fully integrated bioprocessing solutions for gene therapy, from discovery through to commercialization; from upstream through to final filling; from initial design through to implementation.

    With a range of solutions covering multiple virus types, and with production in either adherent or suspension processes, our extensive single-use portfolio can offer you the complete solution you need.

  • bioMérieux

    To protect patients, provide safe products and minimise vein to vein time, cutting-edge cellular therapies need state-of-the-art quality control solutions.

    bioMérieux’s proven portfolio of microbiology testing solutions enable sites to carry out tests throughout each stage of the production process. bioMérieux provides solutions adapted for the unique set of requirements for testing ATMP’s. Testing for final products but, also at-line and in-process controls to relieve potential process bottle necks. Helping to maintain regulatory compliance and optimize operations for the future. These include:

    • BACT/ALERT 3D DUAL T: Compendial, rapid and automated sterility testing. Ideally suited for testing turbid, short shelf-life intermediates and final products and reduced vein to vein time.
    • BIOFIRE MYCOPLASMA: A 1 hour test that can be performed at-line, if required. This test can be used for release testing or testing starting materials, culture media and other in-process controls.
    • ENDOZYME II GO SINGLE TEST: An animal-free endotoxin test with in-build controls designed for single or low volume testing.
    • 3P Solutions: This range includes irradiated, plates for environmental monitoring, the AIR IDEAL, active air monitoring system and 3P Software for managing EM campaign in classified areas
    • Accellix: A sister company providing rapid, automated cell attribute testing using innovative flow cytometry technology.

    This is just a snapshot of some of our range, please come and visit our stand to learn more about these and other bioMérieux solutions.



  • Infors UK
    Infors UK

    Established over 50 years ago in Switzerland, Infors HT works closely with scientists, engineers and industry experts to develop and provide incubator shakers, bioreactors and bioprocess control software for a wide field of applications.

    Based in Reigate, Surrey (but present nationwide), Infors UK collaborates with customers to provide solutions which help and support efficient, reliable and reproducible cell and micro-organism cultivation, allowing the full potential of processes to be achieved.

    Our solutions include:

    • Microorganism fermentation: including bacteria, fungi and yeasts
    • Cell culture fermentation: including mammalian, insect, plant and algal
    • Shaking incubators for microbial cultures
    • CO2 shaking incubators for mammalian cell cultures
    • LED shaking incubators
    • Biofuels: biodiesel and bioethanol
    • Parallel bioprocesses
    • Bioprocess control software
    • Qualification of both bioreactors and shakers

    In addition to our standard configurable products, Infors UK also offer bespoke custom-made bioreactors and shaking incubators upon request, as well as offering preventative maintenance, servicing and technical support.

    Infors UK specialists have many years of experience working in the laboratory and as such, we can work with you to find the right solution for your needs and help bring life to your laboratory.


  • Pharmagraph

    Pharmagraph was formed specifically to meet the needs of clients seeking GMP/GAMP compliant solutions for their facility and environmental monitoring requirements, whether in small hospital pharmacies or pharmaceutical production facilities.

    The parent company, Acquisition Systems Ltd, has been supplying systems to the pharmaceutical industry since 1992 and formed Pharmagraph in 2001 to focus on pharmaceutical and life science applications.

    Pharmagraph systems measure temperature, relative humidity, pressure, air velocity, various gas types and particle counts, and deliver accurate, clear and secure results. From supply of sensors, through to installation, system qualification, training and calibration. Pharmagraph brings 30 years of experience to its customers, offering support at every stage to ensure that systems are delivered on time and to specification. The company offers complete 21 CFR part 11 compliant solutions for cleanroom and facility monitoring systems.

    The Pharmagraph head office is based in Berkshire, UK, with a Northern office in Runcorn and further regional offices servicing the Scottish and Irish markets from Stirling and Lisburn respectively.




  • Telstar

    Telstar is a leading global brand of aseptic process solutions.

    The company, part of the azbil Group, specializes in the development of engineering & construction projects, integrated process equipment and GMP consultancy solutions, including turnkey projects and critical installations, for companies associated with Life & Health Sciences (pharmaceutical & biotechnology, healthcare, cosmetic, veterinary, and food & beverage industries, hospitals, laboratories & research centers).

    Telstar has a long track record and experience in the development of highly complex projects, from integrated process equipment to design, engineering and construction of complete turnkey pharmaceutical and biotech production facilities, critical installations, clean rooms, and R&D laboratories. Acknowledged as one of the 10 major suppliers for the pharmaceutical industry, Telstar is one of the few international manufacturers able to offer integrated process solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry with in-house sterilization, freeze drying, containment, process water & waste treatment, clean air, and cold storage technologies. Telstar invests 3% of its turnover in research, development and innovation of its technologies and equipment.

    The company operates in over a hundred countries and has 4 production plants, 7 technology centres and 11 consultancy and engineering services centres, and commercial offices all over the world. It has manufacturing plants in Spain, China, and the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain), it has a workforce of 900 people.

    Equipment and Systems – Technologies & Integrated Solutions
    Design and manufacture of complete integrated equipment solutions in the process field through application of in-house technologies for sterilization, generation of water and pure steam, freeze-drying, containment, clean air, and cold storage.

    Telstar specializes in the application of in-house technologies to the design and development of integrated process solutions which are to be implemented in existing facilities or to be integrated into new pharmaceutical or biotechnological plants or new research laboratories.

    Services –Engineering, Construction & Consultancy
    In the services field, Telstar provides high added-value solutions in consultancy, engineering and construction of pharmaceutical and biotechnology plants and complete laboratories for the manufacture of medicines, including critical equipment.

    This encompasses validation, regulatory compliance and implementation services for logistics management and maintenance systems. Telstar takes on overall management of customized, integrated, innovative and effective turnkey projects, including consultancy, development, and end-to-end monitoring of projects.

    Design of integrated turnkey projects, from the technical feasibility study and definition of requirements, development of the basic and detailed engineering using the most advanced tools to ensure a top-quality result from the start of the project, right through to qualification, all overseen by a project management team of Telstar professionals who work closely with the client to offer support and advice in critical decision-making and ensure the ultimate success of the project.

    Telstar makes available to the life sciences industrial sector its expertise and technological capability in the development of integrated critical and non-critical facilities and the construction of conventional and modular-concept pharmaceutical and biotechnology plants.

    Telstar develops integrated turnkey plant and facilities construction projects for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary industries, with a high degree of specialization in the design, supply, installation, qualification, and implementation of critical facilities for these industries.

    GMP Consultancy
    Telstar focused on strategic technology-based businesses and services and aimed at addressing regulatory compliance requirements in critical manufacturing processes in the life sciences field, ensuring efficiency, quality, and risk minimization at the same time as assured compliance to quality regulations and standards demanded by different national and international health authorities.


  • Aseptic Technologies
    Aseptic Technologies

    Aseptic Technologies manufactures innovative aseptic production equipment, designed to provide safer & easier aseptic filling operations.

    The AT-Closed Vial® is provided ready to fill with its stopper secured in place, and sterilized by gamma irradiation. The filling is performed by a special needle piercing the stopper, which is then immediately heat-resealed by laser and capped. The drug product is thus never in contact with the environment. The AT-Closed Vial® ensures uncompromised Container Closure Integrity at -80°C and in vpLN2.






For those of you who are joining us for dinner, we are eating at Ury, 27 Queen St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3UG


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